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Fireworks & Holidays: Keep Your Pup Safe with These Tips & Treats!

At Nature's Animals® & The Bone Company®, we understand the immense joy pets bring to our lives. They are not just pets; they are our true companions, adventure buddies, and beloved family members. That's why their safety and happiness are our top priorities, especially during holidays and celebrations.

With summer in full swing and holidays like Independence Day upon us, it's crucial to be aware of potential dangers. Below, we'll explore essential fireworks safety tips and general holiday safety reminders for your four-legged friends, along with how Nature's Animals® & The Bone Company® products can help make celebrations safe and enjoyable.

Fireworks Safety for Dogs

Leave the Fireworks to the Professionals
Public firework displays are a fantastic way to enjoy dazzling lights without the risks of handling fireworks yourself. This keeps your pet safe from loud noises, sparks, and potential burns. During the show, give your pup a Nature's Animals® Barnyard Buddies to keep them distracted and happy.

Create a Safe Haven
If fireworks are unavoidable in your area, provide a quiet, escape-proof space for your pet. This could be a crate, a designated room with familiar comforts, or even a pet carrier. To make the space even more comforting, leave some of our Fit Bits treats hidden around for them to find.

Stay Calm and Reassuring
Fireworks can be frightening for pets. Remain calm and provide comforting cuddles or distractions with their favorite toys and treats. Our Big Bite can be a great way to soothe their nerves and keep them distracted as it will take some time for them to crunch through this 8” delight!

Keeping Dogs Safe on Holidays

Beware of Unfamiliar Foods
Holiday gatherings often involve a wide variety of food and drinks. Keep your pet away from human treats that could be toxic or cause digestive upset, such as chocolate, grapes, onions, and alcoholic beverages.

Beware of Travel Stress
Traveling with your pet can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. Ensure their carrier is comfortable and secure, and take frequent breaks for walks and potty breaks. Our Sweet Potatoes & Honey Snacker Packs are perfect for rewarding good behavior during holiday travel.

Maintain Their Routine
As much as possible, stick to your pet's regular feeding and walking schedule during holidays. This will help them feel more secure and prevent any digestive issues.

Nature's Animals® & The Bone Company® Treats: Perfect for Safe Celebrations!

Looking for a delicious and safe way to celebrate with your pup? Look no further than Nature's Animals® & The Bone Company® treats!

By following these safety tips and spoiling your pup with our delicious treats, you can ensure a safe and happy holiday season for everyone!

Enjoy the brilliance of summer and stay safe.

From Our Family to Yours,
Tim and Dee.

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