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Made in the USA: Why Nature's Animals Dog Treats are Truly Homegrown

At Nature's Animals, we don't just make dog treats – we bake a little piece of family love into every single bite. But our story goes beyond just deliciousness; it's about dedication, quality, and a commitment to supporting American farmers, producers and pet parents! Here's why we proudly say our treats are truly homegrown, made in the USA from start to finish.

A Legacy Baked with Love

It all began with Mike, Tim's father, a man with a passion for baking and a heart full of love for family, including our furry companions. During his retirement, he created delicious human treats in his small bakery until a local pet store came knocking with a unique request: create a wholesome, homemade dog biscuit.

Mike poured his heart and soul into crafting the perfect treat for our canine friends. For six months, he experimented with ingredients and textures, all focused on creating something delicious and healthy. Little did he know, this recipe would become the cornerstone of Nature's Animals, a testament to his dedication and love for animals.

A Shared Dream Takes Flight

Sadly, Mike's life was cut short just as our entrepreneurial journey was beginning. Tim and I (Dee) worked on, honoring his legacy. We incorporated Nature's Animals in October of the same year, determined to continue baking Mike's exceptional dog biscuits.

Over the past three decades, we've embraced Mike's spirit of innovation. We've meticulously measured, hand-scooped, and baked countless batches. All this to ensure one thing: that every dog gets a taste of a homemade biscuit made of delicious human-grade ingredients that’s just as delectable as Mike envisioned.

The Heart of Homegrown: Fresh, All-Natural Ingredients

From the very beginning, we knew we wouldn't – we couldn’t! –  compromise on quality.  That's why we source our delicious ingredients right here in the USA. We partner with American farmers and producers, using the very best ingredients nature has to offer.

This commitment goes beyond just supporting our local economy and tapping into our customer’s love for products made in the USA.  It allows us to ensure the quality and freshness of every ingredient that goes into our treats. We know exactly where our ingredients come from, and that means we can confidently say they're free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives – just the wholesome goodness your dog deserves.

A Symphony of Flavors, Baked with American Pride

Our dedication to using all-natural American ingredients allows us to create a symphony of flavors that delights canine taste buds across the country. We also understand that creativity and fun is a big part of a small town (and small business) vibe – which is why we offer a changing seasonal selection of paw-licking good biscuits in a variety of fun shapes, sizes, and flavors.

From traditional biscuit shapes like our Original Bakery Bone and Doggy Donuts, to down-on-the farm Barnyard Buddies and our classy Christmas, Hanukkah and Autumn collections, we celebrate home-centered comfort. And if we’re talking tastes, nothing says ‘USA flavor-fixations’ like peanut butter or pumpkin spice! Our treats are a celebration of American culinary creativity, all baked with love right here in Mamaroneck, New York.

Tim and Dee

More Than Just a Treat: Sharing a Piece of Our Family

At Nature's Animals, we firmly believe that dogs are part of the family.  Just like Mike, we are passionate about creating treats that nourish and delight our furry companions.

By choosing Nature's Animals, you're not just giving your dog a delicious treat; you're supporting American producers, enjoying the taste of homegrown quality, and most importantly, sharing a little piece of our family with yours.

So, the next time your pup happily crunches a Nature's Animals biscuit, remember that it's a culmination of family love, American ingenuity, with some of the most wholesome ingredients our country has to offer. Now that's a treat worth wagging your tail over!

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