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The Essential Summer Vacation Packing List for a Family with Dogs

Packing for a trip can be a challenge even for the most experienced travelers! It’s common to forget something and have to pick up a replacement during your vacation. Those little replacements can add up fast which is why so many of us want to make sure we have everything we need before we hit the road. 

When you have a dog (or more) coming along for summer fun—that can make the packing even more challenging. So before you head off on your next weekend getaway or month-long summer vacation, here’s what you’ll need to pack to keep Fido healthy, happy and safe! 

5 Summer Dog Packing List Must-Haves

Every dog is unique, so you’ll want to tailor the list to suit your family and travel plans. Most of what you’ll need will fall into one of these categories. 

1) Food and Water Supplies

Pack enough dog food for the duration of your trip, plus a little extra in case of unexpected delays. This is especially important if your dog is on a special diet or eats food that isn’t readily available at a pet store or retailer. There are many portable food and water bowls that may be beneficial if you’re going to be adventuring outdoors or need something that collapses to fit inside luggage. 

2) Collar, Leash, and Identification Tags

Make sure your dog wears a sturdy collar with an identification tag that includes your contact information. 

3) Bedding and Familiar Items 

You probably know exactly where you’re going to sleep on your trip. But where will your dog be sleeping? Make sure to pack their bed and/or bedding so they’ll have a comfy spot to snooze! 

Being in a new or unfamiliar place can also be stressful for some dogs. Consider bringing items that can help keep your dog comfortable and calm, such as a cozy blanket, a familiar-smelling shirt, or their favorite toy. It’ll help them feel more at-home and calm.

4) Medications and Medical Records

Medical-related items are so important to pack. What you need will depend on where you’re going and what you plan on doing. Here are some things you may need: 


 Medications: Bring extra as well in case there are delays or you decide to stay longer. You want to make sure you have enough for the entire trip. 
Medical Records or Certificate of Health:  Your destination and/or airline may require a certificate of health or proof of vaccination. Even if it’s not required, it’s smart to carry a copy of your dog’s medical records in case of emergencies. 
Emergency Contact Information: Create a list of emergency contact numbers beforehand, so you have it ready in the event you need help. Include your regular vet and local veterinary clinics at your destination on the list. 
Dog First Aid Kit: While not all travelers will need this, if you’re going to be exploring trails or doing other outdoor activities, having a doggy first aid kit can help you in a pinch.
Pet Insurance Proof:  No one wants to end up at the Vet ER, but if you do, you’ll want your insurance card to have covered expenses billed properly. 


 5) Travel Crate or Safety Restraints: 

If you're traveling by car, think about investing in a secure travel crate or a dog safety harness to keep your pet safe during the journey. It’s tempting to let your dog stick their head out the window and enjoy the breeze, but it is risky. 

If you opt for a crate, make sure there’s plenty of ventilation and that it is large enough for your dog to stand, turn around and lie down comfortably.   

Traveling is always fun, but it’s extra special when you can share your summer fun with your furry family members! Your dog will experience a lot of new sights, smells, and activity that they don’t get in their day-to-day life, so make sure to reward them when you can with a treat. 

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