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About Us

About Nature's Animals

Hey there! We’re Dee and Tim (that’s us up there), the Founders, and hands-on owners, of Nature’s Animals Bakery. We’re so glad you’re here! We’ve been in this business for more than 30 years, baking and baking and baking, and some of you might be wondering just how it all got started…

The Inspiration Behind the Story:

It all began with Mike, Tim's father who spent most of his career as a food broker. During his retirement, he dabbled in the art of crafting delectable human cookies at his small bakery. It was during this time that a local pet store approached him with an unusual request: to create a dog biscuit.

It took Mike six months to develop an extraordinary recipe that would later become the cornerstone of our company. It was at this moment that we seized the opportunity to begin our collaborative entrepreneurial journey. In September 1992 Tim and I exchanged vows, and by October of that same year, we had officially incorporated our business. Sadly, Mike's life was tragically cut short by a brief illness only three short months after we started the business.
Since that time, we have made an unspoken commitment to find a way to continue churning out top-notch dog biscuits in his honor.

The Legacy.

Nature’s Animals was born out of a love for family, dogs, baking, and even breaking a few societal norms but its foundation will always be what we first dreamed of providing dogs: a high-quality, human-grade ingredient, deliciously drool-worthy dog biscuit.

Together as husband and wife, a team, and a family, we have spent the past three decades measuring, scooping, filling, baking, taking heaps of constructive criticism, and sometimes fighting(!) for the freshest ingredients at the local market to provide a human-grade dog biscuit in flavors so delectable - no dog gets left out.

Fun Fact:

We still do all our baking on-premises right here in Mamaroneck, NY 

Today, we have a wide assortment of natural, healthy dog treats stocked in stores nationwide. At Nature’s Animals, we don’t just sell treats; we share a piece of our family with yours. We hope that your furry family savors our treats just as much as ours do.

And speaking of family, allow us to introduce you to our newest treat taster – Katie! Katie wears the hat of Chief Flavor Savant for Nature's Animals dog biscuits. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for plenty of fun updates!

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