The Allure of Grab-and-Go Dog Treats: Convenience for Busy Pet Parents and Fuel for Canine Adventures!

Let's be real, life with dogs is messy, joyful chaos. Between work, errands, and planning epic walks in the park, weekend hikes, or even long road trips, it's easy to forget to grab the little extras that top off our dogs’ happiness meter.

Can you relate? You’re standing at the convenience store checkout line with a hot coffee or a few groceries. Suddenly, you remember your dog waiting in the car or RV and you forgot to pick up their favorite bag of healthy treats at the big store you just left! Do you head all the way back…or hope your pup won’t mind waiting hours for their tummy-filling reward?

What if there was a better option than facing those sad brown eyes? Imagine if you could reach for a delicious, all-natural, extra-big biscuit from The Bone Company, right on the counter by the convenience store cashier!

Wholesome Goodness on the Fly: A Lifesaver for Busy Pet Parents

Did you know that according to the APPA, of the 90.5 million American pet parents, approximately 78% travel with their animal companions ?

So, we get it. Remembering to pack all the things your dog needs for a fun trip or even just everyday life, feels like herding cats. The Bone Company grab-and-go treats are lifesavers for those unexpected walks, training sessions in the park, relaxing RV trips, or moments when you just want to show your pup some love. They're big enough to satisfy a dog who needs a substantial snack, but small enough to toss in your bag or travel kit without weighing you down. Plus, they can be broken into bite-sized training treats if you’ve forgotten yours at home!
If your pup is sensitive to certain ingredients or doesn’t tolerate artificial colors and preservatives, it only takes a second to flip over an Original Bakery Bone, Jumbo Bone, or fun Doggie Donut biscuit to scan the super-short ingredient list and see that we pack our recipes with only wholesome, human-grade ingredients, without all those potentially tummy-troubling extras.
You can grab your dog a to-go treat from The Bone Company with complete confidence. These biscuits check all the boxes!

Treats On the Go®, Homemade with Love in the USA

We just have to add that supporting American farmers and producers, and being certain of the source of our ingredients, is incredibly important to us. By choosing a biscuit from The Bone Company, you're not just treating your dog; you're contributing to a more sustainable, homegrown economy. We put that “USA” label right on the front of our simple, minimal packaging, so you can be completely comfortable with a snap decision to treat your pup. It’s reassuring to know exactly where the yummy ingredients in your pup's treats come from.
You also don’t have to struggle with the extra waste of plastic packaging. The Bone Company biscuits are minimally packaged with a rugged paper band. You get all the label information you need to rest assured you’ve purchased a quality treat, without the headache of trying to rip open and dispose of extra foil or plastic!

Treats That Don't Break the Bank, Even on Impulse

We believe both you and your dog deserve a taste of the good life, even at the spur of the moment, and it shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. Our grab-and-go treats are offered at a truly affordable price, so you don’t have to pause and weigh the addition to your purchase (or sacrifice that slice of pizza you might have been eyeing)! Grab one, or grab a handful. They're an affordable add-on, which means a little extra jingle in your pocket.

The Perfect Addition to Your Convenience Store or Corner Market

Let's face it, long super-center and pet supply store checkout lines can be a drag. They’re worth the wait when you’re doing your big monthly buy, but none of us want to leave our dog alone in the car for more than a handful of minutes when we just need an item or two, even when the weather is cool!
We’ve all come to count on our tried-and-true convenience store for a super-fast coffee, a bubbling slice of pizza, plus grocery staples and road trip essentials. Now you can also find an easy-to-grab treat for your dog from The Bone Company right there by the register of dog-savvy convenience stores. These portable snacks are not only convenient for busy pet parents, they provide a quick and easy way to reward your dog for waiting patiently in the car or at home, or to provide them with a tasty treat later when your adventure-of-the-day is over!

The Bone Company: One of TWO Brands Built on Love

For over 30 years, Nature's Animals has been baking love into every dog treat we make. We started as – and have remained -- a family business, crafting hand-made, human-grade ingredient dog treats with the same passion we have for our own furry companions. We use only the finest, all-natural ingredients sourced right here in the USA. Our grab-and-go dog treats from The Bone Company are an extension of thisdecades-long family commitment. They're a convenient way to show your dog you care, without compromising on quality or taste.

Yum on the Run! ®

The next time your dog is waiting for you in your car, truck, or RV to head out on an adventure together, look around the checkout area and reach for a treat-on-the-go from The Bone Company in the bright blue and yellow box! It's a small gesture that makes a big difference – a delicious reward for your dog, a convenient solution for you, and a way to show your love for your furry friend, American-made products, and the convenience store owners who know how much your dog means to you!

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