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The Essential Summer Vacation Packing List for a Family with Dogs

Packing for a trip can be a challenge even for the most experienced travelers! It’s common to forget something and have to pick up a replacement during your vacation. Those little replacements can add up fast which is why so many of us want to make sure we have everything we need before we hit the road.  When you have a dog (or more) coming along for summer fun—that can make the packing even more challenging. So before you head off on your next weekend getaway or month-long summer vacation, here’s what you’ll need to pack to keep Fido healthy, happy and safe!  5 Summer Dog Packing List Must-Haves Every dog is unique, so you’ll want to tailor the list...

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5 Fun Ways to Stimulate Your Dog’s Brain

 To keep your favorite furry friend happy and healthy, it's essential to engage their brain as much as you would engage them in physical activity. Just like us, our canine companions get bored with the same old everyday walk around the block or 10 minute game of living room fetch.  Humans and dogs alike enjoy the benefit of improved moods. And fun, challenging  mental stimulation is one of the best ways to get there! In her article “Dogs and Exercise,” expert dog trainer Victoria Stilwell writes, “The brain is the most under-used ‘muscle’ in pet dogs.” She goes on to say that when dog parents don’t provide enough mental stimulation, dogs will go looking for it.   A bored...

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