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Delightful December Doggy Celebrations: Tails of Joy for Christmas and Hanukkah!

As snowflakes begin to dance and holiday cheer fills the air, have you ever wondered how to turn this festive season into a magical experience for your furry companions? Picture your dog's tail wagging with excitement as they become part of your cherished traditions. In the spirit of Christmas and Hanukkah, why not unwrap a world of joy for your four-legged family members with this quick to create tails of holiday joy for your pets!

We have lots of tips on how you can include your dog in your holiday celebrations. And we’ve made it all a lot more merry by introducing our Nature’s Animals ‘Wrapped in Winter’ Christmas, Hanukkah and Winter-themed treat boxes just in time for gift-giving! They are filled with tasty and healthy treats your dog will love bundled up in holiday packaging that will bring a smile to the face of every dog lover on your gift list.

Decking the Halls with Barks of Holly: Christmas Delights

Christmas festivities revolve around sparkling decorations, luscious treats to taste, friends and family and of course – gifts from the heart.

Setting up a dog-friendly Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of holiday décor in so many households. With some thought, your dog can be a part of this tradition in a safe and fun way. 

Plans to include your dog in Christmas tree fun also come wrapped up in a few words about Christmas tree safety!

  • Celebrate your love of dogs by adding some dog-themed or paw-print ornaments. You could even start a tradition of purchasing and sharing a new canine-centric ornament every year. Be careful of home-baked ornaments made of salt dough. While fun to make, the ingred
    ients in salt dough are harmful to pets. Likewise, popcorn strings smell wonderful and can tempt your pup into chowing them down, string and all! Hang these decorations high if you use them.
  • Colorful ‘Christmas tree collars’ are all the rage this year, with a two-piece stand-up ring that hides your tree stand, helps keep pets away from the water, and adds even more bling to your tree.
  • Speaking of that tree stand, be sure yours is sturdy and large enough to support your tree. If your dog or puppy is especially playful or you have a small stand for a large tree, you may also want to secure the tree to the wall or ceiling with a cord to help prevent any accidental topples
  • If your dog loves to chew on anything new – including tree branches or ribbons -- consider using an attractive pet barrier to keep them at a safe distance. 
  • Put glass ornaments, especially family heirlooms, up high in the tree branches and use sturdy plastic ones down low where your dog might bump against them.
  • Remember – your dog has a super sniffer! If any of your wrapped presents contain yummy edibles (for dogs or humans) wait to place those presents under the tree on Christmas morning.
  • This is a great time to train your dog to “go to their mat,” using praise and treats as positive reinforcement to teach them to respect the tree and admire its twinkling lights and ornaments from afar.

Canine-friendly Christmas treats

What's Christmas without delicious treats? Since you’ll probably be indulging in your favorite holiday snacks, doesn’t your dog deserve some special goodies, too?

If you love to bake, whip up some canine Christmas cookies with dog-safe ingredients like peanut butter, pumpkin, or sweet potatoes. There are countless dog treat recipes available online that cater to a dog’s dietary needs and preferences. Stick to those with just three or four simple ingredients, and keep an eye out for extra sweeteners and unnecessary spices. Xylitol (sometimes called “birch sugar”) is toxic to dogs and is found in some brands of peanut butter. Avoid spiced and sweetened pumpkin pie filling and stick to plain canned or fresh pumpkin. 

Better yet, here at Nature’s Animals, we decided dogs deserve Christmas ‘cookies’ of their very own. Infuse a little more joy into their holiday by ordering your pup some Nature’s Animals Yuletide Christmas Crunch biscuits in yummy cheddar cheese Christmas trees and peanut butter Gingerbread Men! 


Christmas gift ideas for your furry friend

As you exchange gifts with your loved ones, don't forget about your canine companion. You’ll have fun giving your dog a special holiday gift or two, like a new toy, a cozy bed, or even a personalized collar. Use the holiday season as a reason to replace old worn pet items with new ones that make your home feel bright and festive again.

Our new holiday treat boxes make a fun gift, too. We have Christmas and Hanukkah-themed treat boxes filled with tasty and healthy treats your dog will love. Their holiday shapes and festive green and red packaging will also make friends and family smile when they unwrap a gift of Yuletide biscuits for their dog, too!


Hanukkah Happiness for Hounds

Include your dog in the Hanukkah candle-lighting tradition

Hanukkah is a celebration of miracles and light, and there's no reason your dog can't be a part of it too. When lighting the menorah, remember – curiosity can lead to accidents, so ensure your dog is safely away from open flames. Choose a sturdy, stable surface where the menorah won't be easily knocked over.


Include your dog in dreidel games and heartfelt gift-giving

One fun way to include your dog in the Hanukkah festivities is to give them a place in family dreidel games (making sure your small dreidel is out of dog-grabbing reach). Or give your dog their very own dog-friendly dreidel toy to play with! It's a great way to turn playtime into a fun and festive game for both you and your dog. When your dog wins, just swap in a dog-safe treat for them to enjoy. 

As a responsible dog parent, you're probably already aware that chocolate and raisins are toxic to dogs, so keep those

wonderful chocolate gelt coins and other treats out of reach of your pup. We have a brand new Festival of Lights Bites treat box that will provide your dog with cheddar cheese Snowflakes and peanut butter Gingerbread Men so they can celebrate right along with you.


Unwrapping the Joy: Shared Celebrations

There are lots of ways for everyone to celebrate the closing of the year and the arrival of a brand new one. Why not enjoy December in any of these warm and wonderful ways.

Family photo shoot

Capture the magic of the holiday season by including your dog in your family photos. Whether it's a formal photoshoot or spontaneous snapshots, your dog adds extra warmth and charm to your pictures, and will give you a loving history of both your family and your pet if you take one each and every year.

To get that perfect shot, give the photo-taker a toy to grab your dog's attention. Keep the background festive but free of too many distractions, so the focus is on your family, including your furry friend.


Charitable acts of kindness

The holidays are a time for giving, and there are many ways to give back to animals in need. Consider donating food, treats, toys, cleaning supplies or gift cards to local animal shelters and rescues. You can also volunteer your time to walk shelter dogs, to give staff a little extra help at holiday time when volunteers can be in shorter supply. If you have a family member who says “no gifts, please!” consider giving a donation in their name, instead. And if you’d like to help both people AND pets, look for homeless or domestic violence shelters that allow residents to keep their pets – or who need help paying to board pets. By sharing with animals in need, you'll set a heartwarming example of compassion and empathy.

Cozy cuddle sessions

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, remember that some of the most rewarding moments are the quiet ones spent with your furry best friend. Take time to snuggle up with your dog by the fireplace, under a warm blanket, or in a quiet corner. Go for a walk on quiet, brisk mornings. These precious moments of connection can be the most cherished memories of the season.

And of course – gifts for everyone, no matter the holiday!

With Nature’s Animals Christmas, Hanukkah and Winter-themed treat boxes, you have gifts that are perfect for any holiday hearth, filled with tasty and healthy treats both your dog and your friends will love. These colorful boxes of seasonally shaped crunchy biscuits are a perfect way to show your furry friend some extra love during the holiday season. Your dog will adore the tasty treats, and you'll both enjoy the moments of togetherness and happiness they bring.

Make this holiday season unforgettable for both you and your dog, and make your friends and family smile when they unwrap these unique, crunchy treats, personalized for the holidays. Visit our Wrapped in Winter selection at Nature’s Animals and you’ll have plenty of gifts for every stocking, tree, or gift table this winter!



Here's to a season filled with tails of joy and endless love for our canine companions, and all of the people in our lives who love dogs!


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