12 Wishes For A Pawfect Christmas

  1. Please bring me toys and treats, no clothes please! Unless it’s really cold and I need to wear a coat to go outside.

  2. I wish that every dog gets adopted into a safe and loving home. We love being treated as part of your family.

  3. I wish that every dog gets treated as part of the family. After all, we are your furry family members!

  4. I wish that every dog gets fed a healthy diet. We too like to take care of our health so we don’t have to go to the Vet too often.

  5. I wish that every dog gets walked off the leash as much as possible. We love to run free and sniff everything in sight!

  6. Please don’t yell at us or hit us when we have accidents in the house. Accidents happen. We get tummy aches too and we don’t have a way of telling you.

  7. Please don’t yell at us or hit us when we chew something. If we’re not puppies, we chew things when we are scared. We’re scared you’ll never come home and we’ll be left all alone.

  8. Please teach us what we need to know by using positive reinforcement/corrections. We really do like doing the right thing by you.

  9. Please teach us to earn our rewards. We like to work for our treats.

  10. Please think about adopting more than one of us. We like having a furry sibling so we’re not alone when you go out. But, only if you really want to and it works for you.

  11. Please don’t take us all over with you. We like to spend lots of time with our humans but sometimes the crowds are overwhelming. We really enjoy the familiarity and comfort of our own homes.

  12. We wish that every dog gets to snack on Nature’s Animals Handmade Biscuits. My favorite is peanut butter!

I wish for my humans to be happy. When you’re happy, I’m happy!

A well-trained dog is a happy dog!

A happy dog brings priceless amounts of love and joy to their family.


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