Derived from Nature, Driven by Quality

How It All Started

When dog lovers Dee and Tim O’Brien met over twenty years ago, they shared a dream of starting a business together. At the time, Tim’s father, Mike, owned a small family bakery and was hard at work developing an all-natural dog biscuit recipe made from human-grade ingredients. He spent the last months of his life perfecting the recipe, which Dee and Tim adopted and then finished along with their Peekapoo, Biscuit, who served as the official taste tester. The couple turned their biscuit-baking passion into their dream business, Nature’s Animals, a gourmet bakery specializing in all-natural dog biscuits.


Where They are Today

Still working like dogs, Dee and Tim are constantly improving and perfecting their recipes so that they continue to deliver the best possible product to their consumers.

Today their Labradoodle Obie is always eager to try out their new recipes in addition to enjoying original favorites that have withstood the test of time.

We pride ourselves on producing a delicious, wholesome dog treat that consumers will feel good about giving their dogs.